Geocaching Challenges


This geocaching challenge checker is designed to check your progress against various challenge caches. It's easy to add new challenges, so if you know of any challenges that would benefit from a checker, please use the contact page to let me know.

What You Need

To use this tool, you'll need a GPX file with all of your geocache finds. To get this, go to the pocket queries page of your profile. Under "My Finds", click "Add to Queue". After a little while, you should get an email with a link to download the "My Finds Pocket Query". The downloaded file will be a .zip file and inside this zip file will be a .gpx file, which is what is used by this website.

Warning: allows you to "correct" the coordinates for a cache by clicking on them on the cache information page. If you do this, the My Finds Pocket Query will include the corrected coordinates but will give no indication that they have been changed. In this case the results of these checkers may be wrong so I would discourage you from using this facility.

How to Use

In the form below, select the challenge that you're working towards. Then select your GPX file. The web page should automatically calculate your progress. If you've found a lot of caches (regardless of whether they're in the right area), this may take a while. Please note that this website assumes a reasonably modern browser, so if you have difficulty, please consider upgrading.

The Challenge Calculator

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