Portable Workbench Build Process

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With that done, there was nothing left to do but assemble everything. First the moving jaws, screws and mechanisms were fitted (this was much, much easier with the lids removed):

The lids could then be fitted, using a pair of tweezers to push the hidden screws into the right place:

I then fitted four bench dogs into the top (to raise it off the surface of my bench when upside down) and flipped everything over. The buttons could then be fitted:

Here's a view of the vice jaws for the standard vice:

Here are the vice jaws for the dual-screw vice:

This is a quick test of a rather extreme taper. This is way beyond the limits of the off-the-shelf spherical seating washers (as you can see by the way the washers aren't seating against the slotted bushes), but it clamped the stock extremely rigidly. I doubt I'll ever use it for something this extreme!

Although it was always bound to work, this is a quick test of clamping long stock vertically:

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