Bandsaw Modifications and Tooling

This area of the site contains projects related to my bandsaw.

The bandsaw is a Machine Mart 6×4.5" horizontal/vertical bandsaw that I bought second hand on ebay for about £70. In many ways you could see why it was less than a third of the normal retail price, but it does what I need. I added a simple end-stop to the bandsaw and modified the mechanism for tightening the drive belt, but for the first 8 years of ownership that was about all I did with it apart from cut! In late 2019 and early 2020 I started a project to restore the bandsaw to its former glory. The result is shown in the photo on the right.

  1. Bandsaw Restoration: a long project to restore the bandsaw to its former glory.
  2. Vice Handle: a new and improved vice handle that's accessible with the bandsaw arm lowered.
  3. Cut-Off Table: a table to catch the parts that have been cut off in the saw.
  4. Bandsaw Light: a gooseneck light to illuminate the part being cut when cutting to scribed lines.
  5. Vertical Saw Table: a table to allow the saw to be used as a vertical bandsaw.
  6. 45° Angle Block: an angle reference block to simplify cutting mitre joints.
  7. Material Support: a material support frame to help when cutting long stock up.

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