This area of the site includes some random projects that don't seem to fit into any of the other categories.

  1. An Over-Engineered Boat Vice: for holding a work-in-progress model boat.
  2. Finger Plate Clamping Tool: a work holding device for small parts.
  3. Hammers: some soft faced hammers.
  4. Vice Restoration: restoring an old bench vice.
  5. Cantilever Clamps: a pair of workholding clamps.
  6. ER32 Slide Hammer: a tool for removing stubborn shafts.
  7. Sheet Metal Bender: a sheet metal bender for making boxes etc.
  8. Retractable Scriber: a simple scriber that is safe to keep in your pocket.
  9. Filing Machine: a filing machine, also known as a die filer.
  10. Heat Treatment Oven: a high-temperature oven.

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