Inkle Loom

This is an inkle loom that I made as a present for my mother. It's made out of birch plywood with beech dowels forming the pegs and some small blocks of beech forming the feet. An inkle loom is a type of loom that can be used for weaving narrow but strong fabrics for things like belts, bag straps or shoelaces.

Tensioning the loom is done by moving the large dowel in its slot. I made a brass knurled knob which is on the end of a large coach bolt: this is used to loosen the dowel and allow it to be moved for tensioning.

This photo shows the basic thread path for the loom. In normal use, some loops of yarn called "heddles" would be looped onto the empty peg and used to pull the top-left yarn down to be in-line with the run below it. The latter run is then pushed up and down (above and below the heddled top run) to allow weaving to take place.

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