Veneer Bookmarks

These are some simple bookmarks that I made, many of which have been given away as presents. They are made out of European Walnut, Greenheart, Cedar of Lebanon and Sapele.

The idea came to me when I was cutting up a piece of wood that we found in my father-in-law's shed when we were clearing his house after he passed away. I'd cut the wood up to use to make a box and had a thin piece left. I used my thicknesser to reduce the thickness down to a bit under a millimetre and then cut it up with a craft knife on a cutting mat. I then gave the Greenheart bookmarks to my other half and her siblings.

I then made some more out of an offcut of European walnut and from there I just got carried away and made a load more!

Part of the interest in making these came from a comment on a forum about how thin you can go with a thicknesser. I'd recently made some material 3 mm thick and someone mentioned that they wouldn't dare going that thin with a thicknesser. I attached some walnut to a sled with two layers of masking tape and some superglue in between and kept reducing the thickness (in small steps) until the walnut started to tear out (seen in the photo above after the bottom-left piece lost a chunk). At that point I stopped and measured the thickness of the wood: 0.8 mm.

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