Pattern Weights

A few days before my other half's birthday, she casually mentioned that it would be nice if I made her some "pattern weights" for sewing (for holding down the pattern while marking out). They basically needed to be some lumps of metal or other heavy stuff, somewhere in the 70–100 gram region. She emphasised that she didn't expect me to make them in time for her birthday, but I thought it was worth a go anyway as they're not a complicated thing to make.

Rather than just making what are essentially slices of round bar, I decided to give them some very rounded edges and drill a hole through the middle. That hole meant that I could also make a stand for them out of some walnut & stainless steel. It was nice to have an excuse to get the lathe up and running again as it had been a while since I had a project that needed that much turning.

These two photos show how the stand is constructed. Hopefully it is reasonably self-explanatory!

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