Bandsaw Restoration

This series of pages describes the process I went through (over the course of a couple of months) to restore my bandsaw. The photo on the left shows what it looked like before I started and the photo on the right shows the end result.

I've split the description of the restoration project into a number of parts; these are linked below. The sections of the restoration aren't strictly in the order in which I did the various jobs; I've tried to describe each part of the restoration on its own page, so some sections include work that was done after much later sections (e.g. assembly of a part onto the bandsaw being described before I've described assembly of the saw itself).

  1. Before Restoration
  2. Disassembly
  3. Vice Fixed Jaw T-Nut
  4. Painting the Saw
  5. The Motor
  6. Blade Guides
  7. Blade Guard
  8. Switch Housing
  9. Base Frame
  10. Swarf Slide
  11. Swarf Tray
  12. Painting the Base
  13. Vice Modifications
  14. Casting Modifications
  15. Gearbox Assembly
  16. Gearbox Cover
  17. Electrical Connections
  18. Assembly
  19. New Screws
  20. Blade Wheel Cover
  21. Cover Clips
  22. The End Result

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