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Although the wooden components will get a second coat of oil tomorrow, I decided they were probably close enough to what they would eventually look like to be worth doing a little photo shoot.

Top view. The shortest bars can clamp up to 620 mm; the medium bars can clamp up to 1020 mm. Although I haven't put jaws onto the longest bars, I did test them with one of the heads off a shorter bar and they can clamp up to 1700 mm.

This shows another view of the bar clamps. I really like that walnut grain on the handles.

An end view to get a better look at that grain.

The bars can be joined together using a short length of M12 threaded rod. The nut you can see in this picture was fitted after fitting the threaded rod one of the bars. Tightening the nut stops the threaded rod from turning when the second bar is screwed into place (without this there's a chance the threaded rod could end up with only a turn or two of thread in one of the bars and you wouldn't be able to tell).

There's absolutely no good reason to put a clamp across the front of my garage, but it seemed a good test of whether the clamps would work when the bars are joined together.

Apart from another coat of Danish Oil, the only remaining thing to do on these bar clamps is probably the most difficult job of all: finding somewhere to store them in my overflowing garage!

Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed this build log.

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