Block Plane for Travel Tool Chest

This is a block plane that I made to go with my travel tool chest. It uses a custom-made adjustment (for depth and lateral alignment) mechanism based on an M5 thread, along with a brass lever cap. The bed angle is 36°: the plane is intended for use cutting end grain.

The main aim of the plane is for use when shooting end grain on the shooting board:

It was my first attempt at designing and making a plane with any sort of adjustment mechanism (as opposed to just having a wedge to hold the blade in and adjusting with a hammer). It was also my first attempt at fitting a brass base and peening screw heads over to fix them in place.

The plane is 150 mm long, 40 mm wide and 30 mm deep. Here is the plane next to a couple of others to give a better sense of scale:

The one at the back is a Quangsheng low-angle block plane; the one in the middle is a previous plane I made with a wedged iron.

As I was making the plane, I took loads of photos and there is a write-up of the build and some photos of the finished plane taking shavings at this link.

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