Paul Sellers' Router Plane

This is my version of Paul Sellers' Router Plane. I made mine out of oak as it's the only wood I had in an appropriate size. The dark circles are walnut inserts that I added after drilling a couple of screw pilot holes in the wrong place!

I'm not going to describe it in detail as I didn't really change anything from Paul's design.

As you can see in the bottom-right of the above picture, I made a spare blade for it so I can quickly change from one to another when the first one gets blunt. Everything is stored together on my tool wall.

This photo shows all three of my router planes to give a sense of the relative sizes. Paul's design works very well, but doesn't cut as cleanly as the Veritas one so that's the one I reach for by preference. I've found it really useful to have the second router plane though and I often rough things out with the wooden one and then take the last few cuts with the Veritas one. If I'm making multiple components that need to match, it's useful to leave one of the router planes at the right setting.

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