Kerfing Saw Mk2

My previous kerfing saw works very well, but is limited in two ways:

  1. If I haven't already made a spacer of the right width for the wood being ripped, I have to make a new one before I can use it.
  2. It has a fence on one side only, so if I'm not paying attention, the line can drift.

I picked up a relatively cheap second hand Stanley #55 in a junk shop and I decided to use its fine fence adjustment to make a better kerfing saw.

The double fences straddle the wood and remove any possibility of the cut wandering.

Here you can see the saw blade fitted to the #55. The two body pieces clamp the saw blade in place and the blade protrudes by about 15 mm to allow a cut up to that depth.

The blade was made from an old (but relatively modern) handsaw. This wasn't ideal as the blade was very hard, which made drilling the two holes quite challenging. It would have been better to get a much older handsaw and base it on that, but I used what I had.

It worked very well indeed; however, I only resawed about four boards with it before I bought a bandsaw and I haven't used it since!

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