Power Tools & Accessories

I really enjoy making tools and tool accessories that I can then use on other projects. I've split the tools I've made into two sections of this site. Ones that are designed to help me with power tool woodworking are in this area and you can find ones that are designed to help me with hand tool woodworking at this link.

Power Tool Accessories

  1. Bandsaw Dust Collector: an improved method of catching the dust produced by a bandsaw.
  2. Table Saw Trolley: a trolley to help moving the table saw around.
  3. Table Saw Trolley Mk2: an updated table saw trolley to make it easier to store.
  4. Cross-Cut Sled: a cross-cut sled for my table saw.
  5. Router Sled: a simple sled for "planing" with a router.
  6. Router Extension: an extension for taking deeper cuts with a small router.
  7. Router Table: a semi-home-made router table.
  8. Dust Collector: a dust collection box to help deal with sawdust.
  9. Thicknesser Stand: a stand (with wings!) for my thicknesser to sit on.
  10. Push Sticks: safety tools for the tablesaw.
  11. Table Saw Guard Mount: an alternative method of mounting the table saw's guard.
  12. Chain Drilling Jig: a jig for drilling evenly spaced holes accurately.
  13. Cordless Vacuum Starter: automatically start your vacuum cleaner when using a cordless power tool.
  14. Wood Lathe: a home-made woodturning lathe.

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