Cross Cut Sled

This is my cross-cut sled for my table saw. It is made of 18 mm plywood with runners (for the slots in the table saw top) made out of an HDPE chopping board. The uprights at the each side of the sled are made from two layers of 18 mm plywood laminated together. After gluing the two pieces together for the fence, I found it had warped slightly, so used my router sled to flatten it again. I then used my small router to cut the slots for the T-track.

After fitting the fence using a couple of screws from underneath, I used the so-called "five cut method" to test the accuracy and then repeatedly adjusted the fence until it was bang-on square.

The stop for the cross-cut sled is made from a couple of pieces of aluminium flat bar screwed together. This can be used to make repeated cuts to the same length. There are scales (in centimetres) on the top of the fence, carefully positioned so that their zeroes are either side of the saw kerf line.

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