Table Saw Trolley

This is a simple trolley for my table saw that I made out of 30 mm × 30 mm × 2 mm box section steel. There is storage underneath the table saw for various bits and pieces. It runs on castors (two of which are lockable) and is designed to be a height that allows it to slide underneath my bench to limit the amount of space it takes up in my small work area.

Most of the time I use the saw, I leave it on its castors, but sometimes it is useful (when handling larger pieces of material) to raise the table surface up to the height of the bench. To that end, I made some custom extendable legs to lift the whole trolley up. To raise it onto its legs, the castors are locked and then the end without lockable castors is lifted up and the legs dropped and locked. The other end can then be lifted and the legs set into place.

This photo shows a detail of one of the legs. It is made out of a short piece of box section steel and a length of square bar. There are two pairs of holes in the square bar through which a pair of pins can be slid to lock the leg in either the raised or lowered position. Two pins is probably unnecessary, but I figured it gave a bit of redundancy. The foot itself is a bit of nylon round bar attached to some M10 threaded rod. A pair of nuts allow the foot to be adjusted in height to allow for an uneven floor surface.

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