Cordless Power Tool Vacuum Cleaner Starter - Details

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Improvement Ideas

The main things that I'd like to improve about the design are currently:

  1. Removing the need for the battery case kit. This would require a good model of the top of the Makita battery and some careful design to make sure it could be 3D printed without supports. It would also require some other way of making the connections to the power tool (either a custom PCB or a simple way of mounting some off-the-shelf clips.
  2. Combining all the circuitry into a single (custom PCB) rather than using all the different development boards. The circuit design for this would be quite simple and the PCBs could be acquired quite cheaply from a supplier like JLC PCB. However, with the worldwide semiconductor shortages at present (2022), it's easier to buy development boards than individual components.

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