Translating Nonsense

When I watch certain videos on youtube, I often find myself scrabbling around to find a converter to translate outdated American units into something to which I can relate. For inches and fractions of inches, I've gradually learnt the most common ones (for example that 3/32" is about 2.4 mm). However, when it comes to things like AWG (which even American calipers won't help you measure), I have to reach for Google.

This page is intended as a one-stop shop for at-a-glance conversion from American nonsense into sensible SI units. It doesn't attempt to be an exhaustive list of sizes for conversion, just the most common ones that seem to be used. It also prioritises brevity over thoroughness: if you need an intermediate size, you can guess that it's between the two neighbouring ones. I'll probably gradually add other conversion tables as I feel the need.

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