Set Screws

Set screws are fully-threaded machine screws, typically with a hex head. They are often screwed into a threaded hole and a nut is used to hold ("set") the set screw at a particular height. If you're looking for what Americans refer to as set screws, then please follow this link. It's worth noting that some standards differ for the across-flats dimensions. The dimensions below are (I believe) the standard sizes in the UK.

Size AF AC T
M2 4 mm 4.6 mm 1.4 mm
M2.5 5 mm 5.8 mm 1.7 mm
M3 5.5 mm 6.4 mm 2 mm
M4 7 mm 8.1 mm 2.8 mm
M5 8 mm 9.2 mm 3.5 mm
M6 10 mm 11.5 mm 4 mm
M8 13 mm 15 mm 5.5 mm
M10 17 mm 19.6 mm 7 mm
M12 19 mm 21.9 mm 8 mm
M16 24 mm 27.7 mm 10 mm
M20 30 mm 34.6 mm 13 mm

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